Teachers Feedback


My time here at Connections has been very good to say the least. Ibague is a hidden gem in Colombia, not many people know about the area but it is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Alex is a very good host and he will always help you if you have any questions. It was my first experience teaching and I enjoyed it a lot. The whole experience was great👍🏻 March-April 2024


This experience was nothing short of incredible! I have chosen this project because of a unique opportunity to gain teaching experience and all my work has paid off. Students have been amiable as well as eager to learn English which has made my experience truly rewarding. In addition, Alex is a friendly host. I'm glad there are people who are like him in Colombia and all over the world. They make the planet better giving others a chance to develop: either to hone volunteers' teaching skills or to improve students' English knowlwdge. Alex also delivers Spanish classes if you wish. What's more, I had an epic adventure when visiting Salento and Cocora valley. I've been travelling a lot so far, yet never had I seen such stunning views! Gracias, Colombia! March-April 2024


I had a good experience at Connections. It was my first time teaching, and I liked it overall. The students were friendly and we had fun during the lessons. I shared a room with another teacher on the upper floor and we we received one meal per day. The horse riding activity was a nice touch and added some variety to the routine. We had three hours of Spanish classes per week, which helped me to some extent with my language skills. The city is surrounded by beautiful nature, . Overall, it was a positive experience.March-April 2024


It is a very good place to stay. You teach a couple hours in the morning and a couple in the evening. It is safe, the accommodation is nice and Alex is a great host. He will take you to do activities such as rock climbing and horseback riding for free every weekend if you want to do.Feb-March 2024


My time in Ibague’ has been great! I really enjoyed teaching the students, which are always eager to learn and very friendly. The lessons plans are very easy to follow and make the classes entertaining. With the classes being in the morning and in the evening, it is a bit hard to do a lot during the day, but I found it easier to fill my day with the Spanish classes that Alex gives and doing exercise in the area. Ibague is a middle size city that has less to offer than the big cities so you have to put a bit more effort in findings things to do. However it is unique in the sense that you would only meet locals, so it gives you a very good opportunity to get to know Colombian people!Jan-Feb 2024


As a volunteer teacher at Connections, I am really enjoying teaching English to a class of enthusiastic and inspiring students. With activities at the weekend you get the opportunity to explore the amazing landscape outside of the city in ways only a local can. The Spanish classes each week are a great resource to improve your Spanish in a short space of time, and when living in Ibague, you'll need it! Jan-Feb 2024


I spent 3 months teaching at Alex's school with morning and evening classes. The clases were well prepared and easy to follow. The students were friendly and eager to learn, especially conversation. Ibagué is a safe and a nice size city. In all I had a great time. I also, traveled around the area and visited magical small towns and places. I visited Medellin and the Amazon too, an unforgettable experience. July-Sep 2023.


I had an amazing time in Ibague. I improved my spanish having classes with Alex. The students were great and they were always willing to learn. On weekends we did fun stuffs with alex and his friends.We went hiking at the Combeima Cayon and rock climbind too. Ibague is a peaceful but fun city. I wish I could stay longer but I can always come back! July-August 2023

My time at Connections English Institute in Ibagué, Colombia was nothing short of excellent. From teaching inquisitive students to exploring the natural wonders contained within the South American jewel that is Colombia, I could not have asked for a better experience overall. All my students wanted to learn English, and they always displayed genuine interest in each lesson I taught them. As such, a collective and palpable sense of curiosity was present in each class. In addition to my classroom instruction, I received weekly Spanish lessons tailored to suit my professional and personal goals. My regular interactions with the amiable locals only enhanced my language learning. I also enjoyed various activities during my time in Ibagué, including hiking, visiting Salento and its gorgeous scenery, and horseback riding. In the end, I left Colombia with pleasant memories and new perspectives. I have Alex to thank for all these moments. As a seasoned traveler as well as founder and manager of Connections, he did everything possible to ensure each day I was there was meaningful. May- June 2023


It was my privilege to teach English at Connections English Institute in Ibague. Alex was a great resource and a gracious host. The teaching was quite straightforward as classes were small and the lessons plans were very detailed. Significantly the intimate classes provides opportunity for the teachers to exchange more than language with the students. In addition to their sincere appreciation, I received many offers of hospitality and invitations to after school activities with my students. Finally, the city of Ibague is a comfortable and sate city from which to explore and experience Colombia. Feb-March 2023


Teaching in Ibague was a great experience. It is a very safe city and the people are really nice. It is pretty rare to find an English speaker so it is great for practicing your spanish. Alex gives great Spanish lessons. He is able to recognize what level is a good challenge for you and just keeps it at the level for the whole month. Week days can be a bit tricky to fill out sometimes with a class in the morning and a class in the evening, but if you are proactive in keeping yourself entertained you will be fine. The Weekends are your oyster, you can skip through to other places pretty easily, I think Colombia has plenty of public holidays so I was able to shoot through to Cali for a long weekend even. The school programs are pretty easy to teach, there is a wide variety of students and levels so it is pretty entertaining. I had no experience teaching English before but I was pretty comfortable by the second day. Sep-Nov 2022


I had an amazing month in Ibagué, teaching English and exploring the area with Alex and Vernon (the second volunteer). The lessons plans were easy to follow even though I had no experience as a teacher. The students were all so nice and welcoming and we became friends even after school hours. The teaching experience was very important and rewarding for me. Alex and his friends showed us the best places in Ibagué, we had amazing food and good times together. I really enjoyed my time in the city, it's not a touristy place so you get a chance to be part of the Colombian culture, to get to know the locals and feel safe and welcomed. In my free time I joined the local CrossFit, found the best coffee shops in Colombia and chilled on the beautiful porch of the house . On the weekend Alex took us to rock climbing in the nature and it was so much fun! We also ate the best Arepa in Colombia (for sure) and I glad I had the chance to do it. I totally recommend this experience! Definitely Going to miss this place and these people. July-Sep 2022


I greatly enjoyed my time with the Connections Institute and the friendly people of Ibague. The course and materials are well structured and organised, and the students have a positive mentality and keenness to learn. I had the pleasure of making many friends through the school. The climate is lovely, the area is safe and all necessary conveniences (shops, gym, etc) are close at hand. One of the highlights of my time was getting to see and participate in one of the town's major festivals with concerts and parades. Every weekend was an opportunity to travel to Medellin, Salento or for local activities like rock climbing. Alex knows all the best spots in and near to the city, and has a great sense of humour coupled with a dedication to the school's mission. Too often when travelling you can move so quickly you don't get the chance to truly see and appreciate the different customs, styles and true sense of a place, I chose this project as an opportunity to enjoy doing something different and to truly feel life as part of the Colombian life. May-July 2022


I had a great experience teaching and living in Colombia. The lesson plans are easy to follow and my students were awesome. I stayed at the institute with Alex who introduced me to his friends. We also played tennis at weekends and did all the activities the program offers like Rock climbing, horseback riding, Rappelling and hiking. I met Colombian people who make you feel very welcomed. I also enjoyed the classes with the kids. They are fun and funny. I was amazed with the landscapes and nature. I had also time to travel around Colombia, visiting amazing towns. I will never forget my time in Colombia. Feb-March.2022

I really enjoyed my time teaching in Colombia. I had an incredible time and an enriching experience. I enjoyed my classes as I enjoyed the beauty of the nature that the country offers. Even though I am vegetarian, I had no problem with the food. Alex is a wonderful host too. I improved my Spanish a lot with his classes. I loved my students and had a wonderful time with them. They invited me to do activities outside the institute, so I had the chance to get into the culture in a deeper way. I wish I had more time to get to know the people and the country better. Feb-March.2022


  I had a wonderful time teaching at Connections. Besides, I got the chance to meet Alex´s friends and hang out with them. Also, I enjoyed the leisure activities that the program offers. Classes were good, students were willing and eager to learn. I joined the program just before the pandemic started and had no problem with it. I was able to teach onsite at first and then online, but I enjoyed both. Feb-March.2020


 I spent 6 weeks teaching at Ibagué and literally enjoyed everything. Ibagué is a very beautiful and safe city, everything you need is very close to the apartment and if you want to go further you can rely on the help of Alex, your host and owner of the institute. He is an extremely open person and will support you immediately if you have any concerns. I recommend this opportunity to all who are interested in teaching, traveling and who want to experience another country in a traditional way. Students will include you in their way of life and in Colombian nightlife, obviously only if you are a friendly teacher. The trip was definitely not what I expected, it was much better! Whether you're looking to get more teaching experience, improve your Spanish or just an adventure, the institute offers a great opportunity to achieve any of these goals! Oct-Dec.2019


                I had a great experience teaching at connections institute, the classes are small and personal which allowed me to get to know each student and enjoy teaching them and watching each individual progress while learning a lot myself! There is a huge variety in student ages and levels but they were all attentive and I really enjoyed the learning environments we created together. The lessons were varied and easy to follow, with any problems fixed immediately by Alex. Getting to know Ibague was also a great experience with Alex helping us find our way, from showing us the best restaurants to taking us to some amazing nature spots. The city is very safe and a great base to see some of the most beautiful areas in Colombia. I met so many friendly people, the staff, students and other volunteers in the institute but also many more around the area, I felt very welcome and happy during my time there and it is a great memory. Oct-Dec.2019

               The first day of teaching I was a little nervous because I didn't speak Spanish at all but this wasn't a problem at all. The materials were fine to work with and more important - the students were these amazing people that welcome you with open arms. They are eager to learn and that made it also fun to teach. It was beautiful to see how fast the students made progress. With a lot of them I could have conversations and I got even invited to do fun things after school hours. There is also a lot to explore in the city and everything that's close enough for a weekend trip. I had enough time to visit everything with my housemates in and around the city, because I taught two hours in the morning and evening. In the weekends Alex took us to these amazing places. Sometimes we did something exciting outdoors or he took us out to these typical Colombian places where you could really mangle in the Colombian lifestyle. I liked it so much - after I traveled Colombia I went back. I can recommend to teach here if you want to teach and explore Colombia in a whole other way. Also Alex is a really nice guy that can help with any kind of activities or weekend trips. Oct-Nov.2019


 I spent one month in Ibaqué and I really enjoyed each day! To teach those lovely people was an awesome experience where I could improve my English as well! The students had interesting questions and were really open and kind! We had lots of fun in our lessons as we also had some time for jokes and games! The classes were really small which is why I could connect to my students socially and we also started to spend time together after the lessons! Ibaqué is a great place to stay as everything you need isn't far away! The people in Colombia are great and are trying to help each other out which I think is amazing! The institute is lovely and Alex was always there when I needed help with anything! The Spanish lessons were fun and helpful as nobody around could actually speak English. We also had some Saturday trips and I saw places that I would probably never have seen without him! Thanks Alex, for having me! Oct-Nov.2019

               I really enjoyed my time at Connections. I had the opportunity to meet interesting people and visit amazing places. I did for the first time many fun things like rock climbing, rappelling and playing Tejo and more. The classes were fun too. I really liked teaching children on weekends. Also, we went out with the students and people from Ibagué, who are very friendly. Alex introduced us to many friends of his friends and we went out to eat and dance several times. I really recommend the program and I have to come back to Colombia, because I think it was not enough time. Sep-Oct.2019


               I had a great time in Colombia, it really exceed my expectations. The teaching experience was amazing. My students were kind and they were willing to learn all the time. I also enjoyed the classes with the kids on Saturdays, they were so cute and smart. Weekends were mindblowing too. Alex took us to the mountains and showed us Ibagué. I also traveled with the other volunteers around Colombia. It is such an amazing country. I really recommend this experience to anyone who wants to help teaching, discover a great country and meet interesting people.Sep-Oct.2019


               Colombia exceeded my expectations, it really is a beautiful country. People are very friendly and fun. I traveled around Colombia and visited many unforgettable places. Ibague gives you the opportunity to visit other cities easily. I felt very comfortable in Ibagué, it is a very safe city. Food is delicious, I could try the tamale and the suckling pig. We went out with Alex and had a great time. Alex is a great host. The lesson plans are very well designed, as they make the classes simple and fun. Students are very interested in learning about Cultures of other countries. I really enjoyed my trip and hope to return soon !! Sep-Oct.2019


               I spent many weeks in Ibague and I really love the city. Ibagué is not the biggest city, but everything you need is in walking distance. Two weekends, we travelled by bus to Medellin and to Salento, both trips were great experiences. The institute is a nice place too. I loved teaching classes here. The groups are small, so teaching is very familiar. You can get in in touch with your students and they will show you their way of life and their culture. Alex is a lovely host and I enjoyed the Spanish classes with him. He and the students helped me to improve my Spanish. We had a great time in Colombia and I really fell in love with Colombia. August-Sep2019


               I stayed in Ibague for 6 six weeks and I really enjoyed the time here. Ibagué is a beautiful little town with everything you need. There is time to travel at the weekends and from Ibagué you can reach a lot by bus. Teaching at the institute is a lot of fun and the students are all very nice. The lesson plans are easy to follow and there is everything needed to teach. It is also fun to meet new students and exchange ideas. Alex is a very good host and I really enjoyed the Spanish lessons with him. There is also the possibility to make trips with him at the weekends. I had a great time in Colombia and I experienced a lot.August-Sep2019


               I spent two months teaching in Ibaque at Connections and enjoyed everything about it. From teaching the students to meeting people from the city to learning Spanish to exploring the surroundings and eating amazing food and drinking great coffee. Alex is a fantastic host and made me feel comfortable and welcome in the city and Connections immediately. The flat I stayed in was spacious with a great kitchen and living area and it is cleaned every Friday - which is fantastic! Alex could not do more, in terms of taking us on excursions at the weekend, answering any questions very promptly and recommending places to eat and drink. Teaching the students is great fun as they are all eager and enthusiastic to learn English and are very interactive. Alex makes the teaching very easy with lessons plans provided online that you can access prior to class and also anything you need for class such as worksheets or games are waiting for you in reception. I loved every bit of my time in Ibaque, it is such a cool city with loads to do in beautiful, scenic surroundings. If I had more time in Colombia I would definitely have extended my stay here - it was a fantastic two months. July-August 2019

               Connections was a great experience! The City: Ibagué is one of the friendliest places you can find. The locals, students, and staff at connections are all eager to chat with visitors and show them around town! The city itself is beautiful, safe, and a great location for being able to go out and visit new places on the weekends. The Apartment: Alex has the volunteers in an apartment literally two minutes walk from the institute in a very central part of town. Right in the middle of three shopping centers, an array of restaurants and tiendas, and walking distance to bars and parks! The institute: The main reason for coming to Ibagué, I loved my time teaching here! From Saturday morning classes with kids to the weekday classes with young adults - the lessons are pre-made and easy to follow. You have the ability to customize them to your students, or your own teaching style and have some fun with the classes as well! The experience: Alex is a phenomenal host/director. He went out of his way regularly to take us out on weekend excursions, show us around town, introduce us to his friends, and answer any questions we had about the city. He helped massively to make our time in Ibagué an unforgettable and fun experience! July-August 2019


               Connections is a good place to start if you are a first-time English teacher. I had a great experience teaching here because most of the students displayed a high level of enthusiasm for the lessons. Alex also did a great job of creating lesson plans for each level. This made the classes a lot easier to manage and prepare for. If you are looking to teach and travel, Connections is the place to invest your time. There are many holidays in Colombia and a lot of 3-day weekends to look forward to. This makes for many travel opportunities. There are also weekly excursions that include rock-climbing, horseback riding and rappelling that Alex plans for teachers. Another plus is the location of the apartment you are housed in because it is only a half a block from the institute and near many shopping and areas of entertainment. Overall, I had a memorable experience at Connections, made many friends in the city and was informally adopted by a local family. I recommend this program to any first-time teachers looking to explore and gain valuable experience in Colombia. May-July 2019

               The days leading up to my stint at Connections were nerve wracking. I’d jumped at the opportunity originally, but was nervous about being in a new environment. After arriving in Ibague, however, I realized that all of my fears were unfounded. Teaching at Connections turned out to be a terrific experience. My main goal was to improve and sharpen my EFL teaching abilities, and Connections certainly allowed me to do that. Carlos has goals for the students at each level and provides lesson plans for each class, but you have leeway as a teacher to try new ideas and adjust the content for the benefit of your students. The communal living environment with the other teachers creates a great space for discussing ideas and building general camaraderie. The weekend excursions were all fun, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that I’m grateful for, and there was plenty of time on the weekends for teachers to pursue their own adventures across the country. Even if you choose not to venture outside of the city, there are plenty of dining options, nightlife options, and other activities right there in Ibague. After all of the hand-wringing I did before coming to Connections, my only regret was not staying for a longer period of time. June-July 2019

               I taught at Connections Institute and could not have asked for a better experience. Ibagué is the perfect place to have a good time. It is a beautiful city with a fun and cozy nightlife. I had fun meeting the other teachers, the students and the surrounding area. I met Alex too. He is amazing and you always have the guarantee to laugh with him. I always enjoyed our adventures on Saturdays in the mountains. I made so many good memories here and I can promise that you will too. It was a great moment. Thanks for everything! June-July 2019

               I'm glad I challenged myself to join the list of volunteers at the CONNECTIONS Institute. I had never been to a South American nation, but somehow I spent almost two months in Ibagué. This personal challenge was more than rewarded, because I applied for and received a scholarship for a TESOL certification course based on the experiences and skills I obtained here. In addition, I received the necessary training to tutor students on IELTS exams. However, while Carlos, his staff, the other volunteers and his future students are hardworking and patient, they are equally friendly and fun. Weekend excursions always relieve stress, and Ibagué is a unique combination of madness and tranquility. The most important thing is that I not only have new friends from all over the world, but I also know that I will always have friends in Colombia, not only Ibagué! May-June 2019


               I have worked in Connections and it was a very cool time. Time has flown by. In the end I would have liked to stay longer because I felt very comfortable in Ibagué. Without exaggeration I can say that I liked all my students. I also had to teach children on Saturdays and despite the early hour, I had a lot of fun with them. I also had some very kind companions and met many other people that I will miss very much. The apartment that Connections offers has everything you need. It has 3 rooms so 2 people have to share one. The lunches offered are quite basic and little varied. Get ready for a lot of rice and bananas Thanks to this program I have been able to try new things like riding a horse and climbing a mountain. I also saw a soccer game of the local Tolima team. In short, I recommend this program. You will not regret it. April-May 2019

               I just spent the last three months here in Ibagué, and I had the best moment of my life. This is a big little city with a lot to do. Everything you need within walking distance. This was my perfect opportunity to improve my teaching. Alex's lesson plans are perfectly designed and always available for review. They are very simple to understand and execute. The perfect between themes and games to keep the class interesting and learn English. I can't recommend connections enough. Outdoor adventures were an absolute explosion in some of the most beautiful places I've seen in my life. March-May 2019

               My trip exceeded all of my expectations, and I could not have been happier with my teaching experience. My students were great and fun. Alex is a great host. He took us to the Combeima Cayon to do rock climbing, rappelling, hiking and horseback riding which I personally enjoyed a lot. Ibague is a city where you can learn Spanish because there are not many foreigners around. I wish I could stay longer in Colombia. Thanks for everything.!! March-April 2019

               I had a wonderful time in Ibague. I stayed for two months and I really enjoyed it. Alex showed me great places and helped me with my Colombian trip. The people are all very friendly and I really liked teaching.  I will definitely come back to Colombia and recommend Connections to have a wonderful experience. Sharing the apartment was not easy at the beginning, but then we became really good friends with the other volunteers. Thank you for a great time. It was amazing! March-

               I spent 2 great months at Connections. It was such a wonderful and enlightening experience. I really enjoyed hanging out with the other teachers and chilling with Carlos. I was so lucky to spend these two months with great friends. Before this experience, I never traveled outside of the United States. However, this experience has made me really fall in love with Ibague and Colombia as a whole. Also, the students are amazing. We had such genuine moments together. I loved my students so much they were honestly who I looked forward to seeing every day. Everything about this experience was great and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Jan-March 2019

               My experience in Ibagué was awesome! In Ibagué, everyone was very kind and helpful. It's a beautiful city and everything you need is near Connections. I easily made many friends inside and outside the institute. The people of Ibagué was always inviting us to do activities in many amazing places. Alex was always there to help us when we needed help and treated us nicely. We went horse riding and visited waterfalls which was great and exciting experience. Teaching at Connections was a wonderful adventure! Jan-March 2019

               Teaching English at Connections was an incredible experience for me. My favorite parts were getting to know my students as well as exploring the city of Ibague and its beautiful mountains (Canon de Combeima). One recommendation for future teachers would be to make friends with the students because they will show you around Ibague and help you get to know the city better. Carlos, our host, took us to nearby mountains and rivers during the weekends to enjoy outdoor activities. He is awesome, make sure you get to know him! If you have any questions about Colombia or need any advice, don’t hesitate to ask him. Before I arrived to teach at Connections, I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up loving my time here. I would definitely recommend this program! Jan-March 2019

               My time at Connections was beautiful. I really enjoyed teaching and hanging out with the other teachers. Alex is a great host. He showed us the city and the Cañon del combeima which is really nice. Ibagué is a city full of kind people. I really love my time here.Nov-Dec 2018

Working and living at Connections was such a fantastic experience. Ibagué is such a lovely and friendly city to live in and the institute is right next to all the shopping centres so a 5 minute walk from all the vegetables (and ice cream) you could ask for! It took me a while to get used to the Colombian way of life and the climate but I ultimately really enjoyed my time being able to have busy days in the town, doing zumba and drinking coffee, whilst also teaching in the evenings and building wonderful relationships with my students who are normally very chatty, willing to learn and eager to get to know you! The teaching plans are well organised and easy to follow and Alex is always there to help out and answer any questions I had, as well as just being there for a laugh! Also we had the opportunity to visit the surrounding towns such as Payandé and Juntas on the weekends and cities further away like Medellin and El Desierto de Tatacoa when there were long weekends allowing us to discover more of Colombia! Overall I can happily say that by the end, I felt very at home working and living in Connections. Sep-Oct 2018

               I spent two months in the Institute, and in general I thought it was a good experience. The way classes are designed is done in a way that is easy. Ibagué is a fresh city, with a much more relaxed feeling compared to a city like Bogotá. It was nice to have a place to settle for a while to experience the Colombian way of life. The schedule for teachers is not very demanding, so there is a lot of free time to do other activities or work on their own projects. One of the best parts of living in Ibagué for me was to go on an adventure every week to nearby towns such as Juntas and Payandé. There is a lot of natural beauty that surrounds the city and many paths and walks to explore. Accommodation was sufficient and Alex was always available to help and answer any questions he had. I really enjoyed my classes and I was able to make friends with my students. The students were always eager to learn and very respectful. Although I did not have much Spanish when I arrived it was not a problem. There are many possibilities to improve your Spanish if you dedicate yourself to immerse yourself in local jargon. With the right perspective, I think there's a lot to be gained with the opportunity in Connections. Sep-Oct 2018

                I spent 4 weeks in connections and it was a good experience! Alex has a plan that is easy to follow and most of the time is quite clear. If you do not understand something or need help, Alex will help you. The students are very friendly and although I do not speak Spanish, I think they understood most of the things I taught them. There were two long weekends during my time there, so I had time to go to Medellin, Salento and the Tatacoa desert! 3 times a week I had Spanish classes with Alex and, basically, because I could not say anything, at least I can ask for a bath and a little more! Near Ibague, you have a beautiful nature and we went climbing at any given time. I'm a bit sad because I did not have more time to explore these areas, but I opted to leave on weekends, since I have little time in Colombia. October 2018

 My stay at the institute was a great experience. First, teaching is very fun. My students made me feel very welcome and there was mutual respect both inside and outside the classroom. The lesson plans were not always 100% clear, but Alex could always help me with questions. It was also nice to be able to bring my own ideas to the classroom, whenever I had a new idea, I was allowed to try it. Spanish classes were sometimes a bit random, but I learned a lot. Accommodation was all good. Nothing too special and nothing terrible. It was great to be able to use the kitchen, the computer room and the washing machine. Also the trips I made with the institute on weekends were fun. So thank you, for a great moment in Ibague and an incredible start of sabbatical year. Sep-Oct 2018

               I spent 3 weeks in Ibague teaching English, this experience was unique because I lived in the musical city of Colombia, I was looking for a true local experience and I found it, teaching is part of me and I was able to develop my skills easily." Thanks to Alex's support My students were very respectful and I was able to establish good relations with them.In my spare time, I visited nature easily around Ibagué alone and with other teachers.We also did rock climbing with Alex. September 2018

               My time in Connections was a long and fast adventure, but very rewarding. It ended up being one of the best experiences I could have had in Colombia. One thing that really stood out while working here is the fact that the atmosphere is neutral and relaxing, Alex is strict within reason, and the students feel safe here. Even I personally felt safe, living here and knowing that I can count on someone working here is really refreshing. Most of the places I've worked in do not offer as much support as I've seen here, but maybe it's just the wonderful charm of Colombia. August 2018

               The Connections program in Ibagué made me get the best out of myself. I gave myself to the local culture, at the same time that I had the opportunity to meet other teachers from all over the world. It was very easy to connect with the students as they were eager to learn, warm and genuine. Ibagué is a beautiful and quiet city with a pleasant climate. I would definitely like to come back and recommend others to experience this too. July - August 2018

Teaching in the Institute was a great experience. I was able to connect easily with the people of Colombia and discover what the culture involved when living there. One month was not enough! It is an opportunity that I recommend to someone who does not get lost. Just get ready before classes and try to be a little disciplined to teach the lessons successfully. I loved visiting Colombia, someday I would love to return! June - August 2018

Teaching at connections is an experience I will never forget. The capital of Tolima and the capital of music, Ibague, is a beautiful city filled with warm and friendly people, many I met thanks to the institute! My students were attentive, respectful and very easy to teach. I'm grateful to this organization and Alex to have given me the opportunity to submerge myself in Colombian's culture and beauty - could not have asked for a better host!  June - August 2018

Working at connections was a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. The students were very eager to learn which made my job all the more rewarding. My Spanish improved greatly from joining in language exchanges with the students and I learned loads about Colombia’s history and culture through these intercambios. I used every weekend to travel! Ibagué has an airport and bus terminal that enable you explore Colombia quite easily. I worked four hours a day, the schedule was, for the most part, structured so I could plan my days and study around my own classes. I also received three hours of Spanish a week. Alex gave homework and study in these classes so this would always be the focus of my week- Leaving the weekends to practice with the locals of whatever town, village or city I decided to visit. Colombia is all what you expect and more. Volunteering at connections is an opportunity to really delve into the Colombia and all it has to offer. June - August 2018

               My time at connections was a lot of fun. The time at connections allowed me to improve my spanish a lot while also improving the English of my students, which often felt more like friends than students. Everyday I got a plate of traditional colombian food which was tasted really good, without exceptions. Also it's easy to make friends with the other teachers and have a great time together. May - June 2018

               I had a fantastic time teaching at Connections! The students were great and I loved being able to learn about Colombian culture and practice speaking Spanish. Alex was a brilliant host and took us rock climbing and horse riding in the caynon. I’ve made some friends for life and hopefully will be back. Thanks for having me!!  March - April 2018

Teaching at Connections in Ibagué was a great time start to finish. Thankfully they have good food, a fun culture, and a very understandable Spanish. The climate is warm and the people are friendly. Teaching here felt great start to finish. My students were very respectful and eager to learn English. The weekends are fun for exploring and doing various outdoor activities. It’s a great way to expand your horizon in a foreign country while contributing to a positive aspect of life through education. March - April 2018

               I had a wonderful time staying and teaching at Connections English Institute, I was welcomed from the minute that I arrived and I was so happy throughout my stay. The students are just wonderful to teach and the accommodation is comfortable and homely. It was fantastic to spend time with Alex and the other teachers in our down time, and we were taken to some beautiful places. Teaching English to the students at the institute was more than rewarding to me and I will be back as I miss them already! I recommend Connections Institute to anyone that has the same passion for teaching English that I do as it will be an experience that you will treasure forever. Thank you so much for having me! Feb - March 2018

               I thoroughly enjoyed my teaching experience here in Colombia! I went Rock climbing and went to the waterfalls with Alex. When us teachers all had free time we would go out for drinks at the pool hall, to a familiar restaurant, or go to the club. Alex is a very personable professional who is willing to work with you to figure out how to make the best of your stay in Colombia. It is amazing he has achieved so much at only 31 years old. On my own time I met many very cool locals and one weekend I took a short trip to the beautiful Salento in the coffee region. The students were very friendly, and I can say that I did not meet a single student who wasn’t genuinely a good person. I highly recommend volunteering at this institute, especially if it is your first time teaching!    Jan - March 2018

               If you want a nice experience teaching English, while you get an idea of what Colombia is like, living and  working  at  Connections is the ideal plan.  The courses are planned in advance, which eliminates a lot of class preparation problems, so you can have more time to learn Spanish or go to a swimming pool. The students were interesting, friendly and motivated. Alex is a fantastic host who will show you the best parts of the city and more! Jan - Feb 2018


               I enjoyed every minute of my time at Connections English institute. Going from a job in corporate America to teaching English was a welcome change and I am so thankful for  the  opportunity  to  start  at  Alex's  school.  The students,  staff, and everyone I encountered both in the school and in Ibague were more than welcoming and made my time here spectacular. I hope to spend more time in Ibague and Colombia, many thanks!  Oct - Dec 2017

               I had an amazing time teaching English at Connections Institute. Alex is a kind and funny guy who made sure everyone felt welcome. He took us out to the best places in town with his friends, introduced us to rock climbing and to the breathtaking nature around Ibague.  The  other 2 volunteers,  Max  and  Tim, were  just  awesome  and we  had  a  lot  of  fun  together. I feel grateful for these 2 unforgettable months and for the friendships I will cherish forever!  Oct - Dec 2017

               Teaching at connections was a lot more than just teaching. It included having a cool  of international  roommates.     Meeting lots  of  locals and  befriending many of them. It was going rock climbing and swimming in a river  in the middle of the jungle. Dancing salsa and singing along to reggaeton songs. I loved hanging out with Alex and his friends and I hope this will not be the last time we see each other. I am going to miss Ibagué and I will definitely be back! Oct - Dec 2017

                My time in Colombia was amazing. It´s  an experience  I  will  never  forget. Colombian people are really nice. I stayed for 3 months and time flew. I  had the chance to meet cool people and visit beautiful places, like the Canyon. Alex  took  me to do outdoor activities really fun. I was really good at climbing. The students were very nice to me and I learned a lot about teaching. Ibague is a great city surrounded by mountains.    July - Sep 2017

                I had an amazing time in Ibague, Connections is a well organized institute where students receive a high quality English education in a relaxed environment. What you are going to expect if you are a foreign teacher in Connections: Alex the owner is  a  very  cool person who will help you with everything you need ... He  will  give  you  an  instruction  how to teach. On weekends alex is always there to  do  different  things  but  it is also possible to spend  some  time  alone  and  discover  Ibagué In general, I had 2 great months  teaching   English  in  Colombia. Many  thanks  to alex and all my students and the nice welcoming   people of Colombia !!! I will miss you guys. August - Sep 2017

                After  visiting  Connections, I  can guarantee that  you will not want to leave! With things to do day and night, there is never a dull moment in this city. Meeting Alex played a huge role  in  the experience I had in Connections.  He  welcomed  us  as  if  we  were  lifelong friends, introduced us to some incredible places, taught us Spanish, and was a great friend. Your  English  program  is designed to make our work easier! Teaching English was more rewarding than I could have imagined. With excellent students who worked hard, I did not feel like I was working, but  simply  talking  with  friends. The only thing that would have changed would have been to stay longer! July - Sep 2017

               I had an amazing time in CONNECTIONS in Ibagué. The  people  are very warm and friendly. The classes and the students are very grateful and you can build a connection with them. Alex, the host is great and very hospitable, and my fellow teachers are very friendly. It definitely motivates me to keep traveling English.May - July 2017

               The time I have spent in Connections changed  my  life. Working here not only gives you the opportunity to teach, it also gives you the opportunity to learn.  The  students  have a eager will to acquire knowledge, and I am going to take a piece of that passion home with me. Colombia is a beautiful country full of culture, natural beauty, and the opportunity to discover things about yourself. The owner, Alex, is an excellent host,  who  always makes his  teachers  feel  like  friends,  and  feel  at home. I  would  recommend the Connections Institute to anyone with a passion for English and teaching. It will  undoubtedly be a nice experience that you can take with you forever. It was for me. May-June 2017

               I had a great time teaching English in Connections. The students are charming,  nice  and eager to learn English. I had a lot of fun with them during the classes;  Sometimes we get to play, dance, and  talk  about  our favorite music. I think  it's the best way to learn a new language. Ibagué is a nice city and I enjoyed the nature  and the mountains that surround it. There aren´t many other gringos in the city, so I definitely recommend it if you want to learn something about the Colombian culture, habits and food. Although it is a small city in Colombian terms, there are many things to do: camping, hiking, salsa classes and even climbing. It was a fantastic experience that I will not easily forget. April 2017


Teaching in Connections was great! Ibagué is a great place to immerse yourself in the Colombian culture and learn Spanish. If you like outdoor activities, you  will  like to go hiking in the mountains that surround the city. April 2017

               My experience in Ibagué is one that I will never forget. This was my first true teaching experience and  I  am  very  grateful  for all the support I had from Alex and my fellow teachers here at the institute!  This  is also my first trip alone in South America and I'm glad I started here. The  hostel  is  great,  the food is always very good (even if you are vegetarian), and  the  students  werealways friendly.  I got to see a lot of nature and a beautiful culture here, and I found some really lovely friends too.    Feb - March 2017

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Working  in  Connections  was  my  first  teaching experience after  completing  a TEFL certification course. However,  moderately  without  certainty  at the  beginning, in  the month and a half I have learned a lot about how to handle a class. The classes were small, consisting of 7 students, which allowed flexibility and adjustment to satisfy each student. It also  allowed  me to  get to  know the students well and have fun.  Class  lessons  were already prepared, which allowed me to learn how to properly structure a class and left me with free time outside of teaching to explore this city. The teaching  was  also a good first step to be immersed in this city and to be in contact with the students. Jan 2017

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               My story in connections and in Colombia  starts  in  Argentina. My  friend Dani  told me about an institute in Colombia where I could teach and keep practicing my Spanish.  My plan was to stay for 3 months, but finally I decided to stay longer. I  enjoyed  the  people who were very friendly, the students who wanted to learn English but also Frances. Alex showed  me  the  culture, the  places  and the people. In total, I stayed for 6 months and I have just good memories. For the future foreigners of the Institute, they have to taste the tamales,  the pork,  the Sancocho, the  juices, the  Aguardiante  and  more. I finished my first trip in Colombia but it was not the last one there. Oct 2016 – March 2017

               My experience  in  Ibagué,  a  city  with many  opportunities  and  close  to nature, was an unforgettable time. On the one hand, I was able to improve my teaching skills to very kind and open students. Besides, I learned a lot of Spanish. Cool! Enjoy knowing a lot about the Colombian culture and the different lives. I also explored landscapes and types of different and spectacular nature on weekends. Alex  likes  to  show  foreigners their land, practicing exciting sports in beautiful places! They were unique experiences! Alex  is  a  great friend, very kind, fun and active! He gives a good welcome.Sep - Nov 2016

               I could never have imagined that my time in Colombia would pass so quickly! The classes in  the institute  are  well  designed,  very  fun  and  above all  interactive  and  with very enthusiastic students. My students especially made my time in Ibagué unforgettable  and I will  miss  each  one  of  them  very much. In  addition,  Alex is a very kind  person  who is always willing t